Lagotto Romagnolo Physical Appearance

Considering to get a Lagotto Romagnolo Dog and need to know what is the general appearance of Lagotto Romagnolo or what are the popular colours of a Lagotto Romagnolo?

Know more about the colors, weight and height of Lagotto Romagnolo Dogs from this page.

Lagotto Romagnolo Appearance

Lagotto Romagnolo Size, Height and Weight

    Consider the personality traits and appearance of the Lagotto Romagnolo, as this breed is not for everyone. Use this information below to see if a Lagotto Romagnolo would suit your lifestyle and household.

    Size of Lagotto Romagnolo: The Lagotto Romagnolo Dog is a medium sized dog.

    Height of Lagotto Romagnolo:
  • Male: 17-19 inches (43-49 cm)
  • Female: 14-16 inches (36-41 cm)

  • Weight of Lagotto Romagnolo:
  • Male: 28-35 pounds (13-16 kg)
  • Female: 24-31 pounds (11-14 kg)

    The Common Colours of Lagotto Romagnolo Dogs

  • Black and Tan
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White

Lagotto Romagnolo Appearance

Lagotto Romagnolo Information

The appearance of the Lagotto can vary, and generally have floppy ears, and large round eyes in any shade color ranging from golden to a dark brown. Their water friendly coat is very thick and curly. Solid colors include off-white, golden, or brown. They can also be found white with brown or orange patches or roan. It is a medium to large sized dog that is hypoallergenic, which also means it almost never sheds. A Lagotto often displays white markings that grow out in adult status.

The Lagotto is made to work. They generally have sharp senses, though their eyesight is more sensitive to motion than detail. They are very loyal and loving, making them the perfect family companion. Some are easy to train, and many get along with other animals quite easily if they're socialized as puppies. Some Lagotti are excellent swimmers, but some will only paddle. Some will retrieve from lakes, streams and other bodies of water without hesitation. They are lovable family pets and tend to like attention. Lagotti love to dig; many owners give them a sandbox, or have a designated place to allow them satisfy their digging urges. They also love to play seeking games and have very active, and clever minds.

What to do if you lose your Lagotto Romagnolo

If your Lagotto Romagnolo Dog or any other pet has gone missing and it does not have an identification tag with a phone number, you can:

1. Report your missing pet details at Pet Reunite website here.

2. Register the lost pet on the Local Lost Pets Facebook Groups Here.

3. Telephone the local vet clinics to see if anyone has brought in your missing pet.

4. Contact the RSPCA or Visit the RSPCA Lost Pets website and complete a Lost Pet Report.

5. Visit Lost Pets Pages of Animal Pounds.

What to do if you find a lost Lagotto Romagnolo

If you find a Lagotto Romagnolo Dog or any other pet and it does not have an identification tag with a phone number, you can:

1. Report the found pet details at Pet Reunite website here.

2. Register the missing pet on the Local Facebook Lost Pets Groups.

3. Contact the Local Authority to collect the lost animal.

4. Take the pet to the local Animal Shelter near to your area.

5. Take the pet to the local Vet Clinic who normally scan the animal’s microchip and contact the registered owner of the pet.

Laws Regarding Missing Pets

1. It is against the law to keep any animal that you find.

2. Pets are generally considered property and it is illegal to take and keep someone else’s property.

3. You must call your local animal control unit and file a FOUND AN ANIMAL report for any dog or cat you find.

4. To reclaim your lost dog, cat or other pet from the animal shelter you must pay a release fee.

5. If your dog or cat is unregistered, you will have to register your pet before you can take it home.